As for me, I've always been into movies. I've been collecting and
studying all genres since I was a little girl. I just simply LOVE
movies. I have them playing in my home all the time.

I really understood people's love for movies when I once started
a thread on a website asking what everyone's favorite movie was.
Within minutes, the thread was flooded with everyone listing
what they loved best. I even got an email (which I still have)
that was thanking me to start such a topic. That blissfully blew
me away!

I was involved in different public shows on Channel 27 and one
of them was a comical, live, talk show. The last one of that was a
rerun and I felt bad for the people who wanted to get on the air
and talk. Thus, I asked Michael Smith how to start my own show.

I started the show on movies, because that's where my life
revolved around. I made it a live talk show, because people love
to talk on the air and they love to talk about their favorites. I
believe that everyone has at least 'one' favorite movie even if
they're not into them.

The music and prizes were just for the added fun of it...

I want to thank the Channel 27 Employees (from back then) and
my friends and family for all their support and help with this.

(Dr. X)
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